Let’s talk about your business.

Has it ever left you feeling exhausted?

Are you stuck in a business where you have to chase new sales every month?

There is a better way.  It starts by making a slight shift towards recurring revenue.

Few people know how to do it well.

But now SO many big companies like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and others all have recurring revenue models built into what they offer.


You’re seeing business owners like us build highly profitable (and low stress) companies but following their lead.

So if you’d like to get rid of  the stress that comes from up and down income every month and move towards a business that has a lot more reliable, stable revenue, go check out what my mentor, Stu McLaren just released:

It’s called TRIBE and it’s the complete A-Z program on how to turn your knowledge and influence into recurring revenue.

And with over 8 years experience, working with 60,000+ membership site owners and building his own high 6 and 7-figure memberships, there is nobody better to outline exactly how you can do it too

When I joined Tribe in 2018, my business changed!  Watch the video to learn more. 

Taking The Leap: How Stu McLaren’s TRIBE Helped Me Go All In and Grow My Business

After going through a series of unfortunate events in my corporate career, I was sick of going job to job and was dreaming of a bigger better life. A life I could live on my own terms that would give me the freedom and flexibility while making an impact. I was looking for a better way to grow a business than trading time for money. Learn how Stu McLaren and Tribe Community has helped me to take the leap, follow my heart, and start living life on my terms.

– Melanie Tvete

Sound interesting right?

There are thousands of success stories from TRIBE in all different niches like Teachers, Artists,  Dog Trainers, Ministers, Travellers, Personal Trainers, Farmers… You name it!

Seriously these are all markets being served by people running a membership site. 

How did you do it?

Specifically, how did you build your membership site?

Tonight 5/7 at 5pm ET, 10 people will be sharing how they did it on a livecast.  It’s all free and will be broadcast online at 5pm ET today.

You’ll hear from people like:

  • A digital marketing guru who now teaches real estate agents how to generate leads online… and grew her membership from $0 to $100K in monthly sales… in just 12 months!v
  • A farming consultant who was stuck because he didn’t have any more time to give to his one-on-one clients and needed a way to scale fast! So he launched a membership for small business farmers and had more than 160 people join! (in a teeny tiny niche)
  • A young family who launched their personal finance membership and earned more than $30K in just 3 weeks… enough money to adopt a new baby girl!!

… And plenty more!

You’ll hear from a slew of successful membership site owners in a wide variety of different markets from health and fitness to religion, non-profits, photography, music, art, teaching, business and so many more.

Whether you want to know the ins and outs of running a successful membership, or learn about the TRIBE experience… Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

In 2019 you can start generating recurring revenue with what you know.  Stu will show you how!  I’ve learned so much from Stu and the Tribe community!  I would love to have you join me for the 2019 Tribe experience!  Doors close to join Tribe on 5/9 and so you don’t want to miss out as this is the last year it will be offered at this price and doors only open 1x a year!