Amidst all the things happening right now, I feel it’s appropriate to share something I was inspired to write last month before the panic and chaos descended upon us. 

Stand tall and shine your light far and wide for others to see! 

We will get through this together if we search within and truly listen to our heart. 

The Keeper of the Heart 

by Melanie Tvete

When calm waters
And strong winds
Begin to roll
And wrestles the soul

Never before
This far from shore
With no hope in sight
Through the darkness, there is a light

It may be a flicker
May be a flutter
But the light
Shines bright white

You’ve come so far
Under the northern star
Don’t turn back now
Let me show you how

Search within
For the heart has been
The light at night
That shines so bright 

When nights are long
Stay strong
It may be a fight
But don’t lose sight

Your head has the answer
When your heart is the anchor
For there are signs
Of the light that shines

Look to the horizon
As hope keeps risin’
There’s one thing for sure
That love is the cure

The vision
Is the mission
And with faith as your guide
There is no place to hide

Search within
For the heart has been
The brave light
That shines so bright

When waves come crashin’ in
Find strength from within
Be strong. Stand tall
Don’t crumble or fall

Be patient
And persistent
Push through
Just being you 

The light that shines
In these dark times
Is the fire
Of truth and desire

Being a voice
For the voiceless
Bringing hope
To the hopeless

Being brave
Rising against the wave
Shining from the harbor
For it’s not much farther

Search within
For the heart has always been
The light in the dark
For you’re the keeper of the heart 


What are you doing to shine your light during these dark times?

 I would love to know so leave a comment below. otherwise, feel free to reach out and send me a Facebook Message as I would love to get to know you more!