I never felt that I was good enough until I found my superpower!

During my teenage years, I felt that I was not good enough. Going into Junior High I switched schools from a private school to a public school. I suddenly I found myself with no friends, feeling lost, not knowing where I fit in.   Now I grew up within a good family life.  I have parents who love me and support me unconditionally but I always felt that I was different.

Not knowing what to do, I set myself high expectations to do the BEST I could do. If I could just work hard and do it right then I will be enough.  Over the years, I would receive compliments and encouragement but, I would brush it off as I believed I could do better. It didn’t matter what I did, I didn’t believe that I was worthy of the attention. I struggled for many years looking to find my place in the world and lacked the confidence to be myself. I was playing it safe.

I worked hard and did my best to blend in…

This continued on through the years, I worked hard and did my best to blend in.  From my perspective, it looked like everyone else had the clarity and confidence that I desired. I tried to do what they were doing and survived for many years this way.  I felt like an outsider.  I would only show my personality to those closes to me.

It wasn’t until I hit a personal low and found myself thinking “Is this really it?  Be good, put on a facade, blend in, and be like everyone else!? There has to be a better way than to just keep faking it!”

That’s when I realized I was not being true to myself. I needed to find a way to be me…. To feel comfortable in my own skin. To accept who I am quirks and all,  To embrace that I am worth being loved and worth loving myself. This started my self-discovery journey. 

Since that time, I have been on a journey full of ups and downs but with each twist and turn the road I discover new things about myself that I love. I am resilient, brave and unique.  There is no one else like me and my story matters. 

I found my superpower!   

My personality and journey are unique to me. I believe that I was given this gift to help others come to the same realization that I did… “You are beautiful! You are worth it! You are loved! You are unique!”  I want to help you with the clarity and confidence you need to step out into the world with passion and purpose. 

I would love to learn more about your story and to see where you are on your journey.  To figure out where you are stuck so you can bravely lean into your personality, lead from your heart and clearly and confidently share your message with those who need to hear your message the most.

Reach out and send me a Facebook Message as I would love to get to know you more!