Solving Big Marketing Challenges

by Connecting the Dots Between Brand, Design, & Marketing Strategy

Melanie Tvete 

Consultant. Strategist. Educator.

I help people focused - heart driven entrepreneurs

  • Make smart branding and marketing decisions
  • Align their core values of your brand with their marketing efforts
  • Create a cohesive message
  • Connect the dots in the ever-changing online advertising scene
  • Stand out, gain visibility and grow to the next level


You Most Likely Feel Like...

  • Your marketing strategies and messaging is disconnected
  • Your brand has an identity crisis and inconsistencies
  • Your marketing team is overwhelmed & reactive
  • Your website, product launch and ads is underperforming
  • You give a subpar customer experience
  • You've wasted time & money on "agencies" who don’t understand your brand

You’re smart. You’ve set specific goals.
You’re dedicated and more than capable of success.
That’s definitely not the issue.

But you find yourself...

  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed 
  • Needing to get more leads and clients
  • Being told to focusing on a niche but don’t know what that means
  • Having an underperforming signature product launch
  • Taking numerous online courses but left even more confused
  • Feeling that the business isn't really "working" yet

Sound Familiar? It’s OK! I’ve been in your shoes! Just BREATHE!!!! 

Despite your best efforts, you know things could — and should — be better. Sometimes we just get stuck and need some help.

What you need is someone to discuss your ideas, issues, & concerns with — Someone that can connect the dots, provide strategic advice as well as practical application. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own anymore.

Who I Work With

People Focused - Heart Driven Entrepreneurs 

If you help others with your services and value giving a quality customer experience, then I can help!  I work with Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders who are marketing online reach their target audience in order to grow their business and make an impact.

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Experts
  • Online Educators
  • Creatives
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Service Based Businesses


Discover the #1 Secret of How to Easily Market Yourself Without Feeling Disconnected and Undervalued.

This workbook will guide you through the answers to some of the important questions and challenges every people focused - heart driven entrepreneur faces.

Download the FREE workbook to learn how to...

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Attract your ideal client that will pay you what you're worth
  • Speak to the hearts of your ideal client
  • and MORE!

About Me

I have spent over a decade connecting the information dots and want to help you be successful! I have a variety of experiences and insights to draw from as I have a background in Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Personal Branding Photography, Web Development.

Between all that plus my work experience at LeadPages and FunnelDash, I have a unique perspective as I understand the whole process from branding to design to landing pages to marketing yourself online.  Plus I have a thirst for knowledge and no one cares more then me (besides yourself of course) about your goals and the little details that goes into process to market yourself online.  

I offer Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, and Creative Direction.  It's all about creating the perfect story that leaves the right first message, sets expectations and turns strangers into raving fans.  

My mission for 2018 is to help a handful of entrepreneurs be more successful.  I am looking for  entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams by building their business with meaning, emotion, and value in order to make an impact in the world.  Will you be someone who I help be successful?

Whether your project is big or small, I would love to learn more and help you overcome the struggles and frustration of marketing your business online. Schedule a Free 30 minute consultation! I would love to get to you and your business more.

Working with Me...

You Can Expect:

  • Honesty & Collaboration & Follow-through
  • Strategies based on truth, data, and facts
  • Clarity, direction and strategy
  • Accountability & Consistency
  • A ton of ideas that feel authentic
  • To leverage new technologies and marketing platforms
  • Solutions based upon your Technical Level - No Tech Overwhelm

And That Means:

  • More Confidence
  • More Clarity
  • More Brand Connection
  • More Leads
  • More Revenue
  • More Processes & Systems
  • More Results
  • More Impact

What Others Say


Before working with Melanie, I was struggling to find and approach clients. I wasn’t sure where to start and what I was doing.
Melanie has helped me massively as I am so much more confident and I can approach people now without fear. I feel like I know what I am doing now. 
What’s the biggest benefit of working with Melanie? Everything! Advice, being cheered up, being relatable and finding solutions. Melanie is truly inspiring and her motivation is aspirational.

Stephanie Passon


Melanie is wonderful! I love that she is "real" and down to x. You can see that she truly cares about her work and her clients.
She has an eye for the appropriate lighting and pose that would work best for her clients. I loved every part of my photography experience!  
Plus her personality is awesome and such a pleasure to work with. I loved every part of my experience! 

Holli Richards


The biggest benefit of working with Melanie is having an expert to share all my business concerns with and walking away with the much-needed advice.
I was struggling to find 1-on-1 business and consulting advice and valuable resources and now I am getting exposure to the right people which has been a huge asset! 
Melanie, Thank you for truly caring and sharing your honest advice and spending your valuable time to help figure things out no matter how long it took.

Mohsin Jamil

Let's get Started...

Schedule a STRATEGY call

The strategy session is broken into 2 calls.  

First, we will schedule a  30-minute consultation call to discuss your struggles and talk through your needs. You will most definitely walk away with a handful of actionable ideas and suggestions to work on implementing.  

The second call is a 60-minute deeper strategy session where I will report back the results from performing a Full Brand Audit, Website Audit or Marketing Audit and we will work through an action plan. 

Depending upon what area you want to focus on we could end up:

  • Bringing a new excitement to existing ideas
  • Creating a plan or priority list in order to not feel so overwhelmed 
  • Focusing on your marketing and branding messaging
  • Generating a ton of lead generation ideas
  • Narrowing down your Ideal audience
  • Discussing your current launch and advertising strategy
  • Gaining the clarity and confidence you need to move forward marketing your business

3 ways to Collaborate

After our 60-minute strategy session,  as your strategic branding and marketing partner, I offer 3 types of collaboration solutions to work with your brand.

Strategy Sessions

I deliver the strategy, you build your own team to execute the plan.

1-on-1 Coaching

I deliver the strategy and continue to coach and consult with your team who will be doing the execution while leveraging my expertise and experience along the way

Done-For-You Services

I deliver the strategy and build a team of experts to execute on our proposed strategy based on milestones, budgets and overall goals.

I can’t wait to get to know your business more!

Melanie Tvete - Heart Driven Entrepreneur

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