Solving Big Marketing Problems

Through Your Brand

Helping influencers, experts and entrepreneurs Bridge the gap to find the Missing connections Between their Heart, Brand, Design, & Marketing Strategy.

Solving Big Marketing Problems
Through Your Brand


My Name is…

Melanie Tvete (ta-vay-tee)

Heart Driven Entrepreneur. Brand Strategist. Coach. Consultant.

I help heart driven entrepreneurs…

  • Make sound branding and marketing decisions
  • Align their values to their brand and marketing message
  • Create a cohesive and captivating message that is converts
  • Stand out, gain visibility and grow to the next level
  • Utilize marketing automation technology
  • Connect the dots in the ever-changing digital marketing scene

I love working with…

Coaches, Consultants, Healers, Designers, Creatives, 

Online Course & Membership Site Owners, Influencers, and Experts

I would love to work with you if… 

  • You’ve a message filled with passion and purpose that you want to share that could change lives but you lack the clarity and confidence to share it
  • You’re a service-based business and ready to be seen as a shining expert, that you are, in your industry
  • You’d love to attract more good people as clients
  • You’ve been secretly “intending” to give your brand & marketing message more time and focus . . . but  just never seem to get around to it
  • You need help getting clear on your point of view, niche, brand personality, message, or tone of voice
  • You’re ready to get the help you need to start implementing and taking action as are sick of being on the endless cycle of thinking but not doing
  • You’re ready to finally create a brand message that stands out in your crowded market and motivates your ideal client to take action
  • You’re ready to have a soulful brand you love and are deeply connected with

3 ways we can collaborate…

It’s all about creating the perfect message and story that leaves the right first impression, sets expectations, and turns strangers into raving fans.  


Brand & Marketing Strategy

Together we will to develop a custom insights and strategy specific to you based upon your vision.

You will be able to leverage the strategy and implement it with your own team.


1-on-1 Coaching

Together we will explore deeper into your personal and brand insights and develop a custom strategy specific to your vision.

I will help guide you and your team through each step of the way  leveraging my expertise and experience.


Done-For-You Services

Together we will to develop a custom insights and strategy specific to you based upon your vision. 

I will build a team of experts, if necessary for the project, to execute upon our proposed strategy based on milestones, budgets, and overall goals.

Services I offer…

Brand & Marketing Audits

Get the clarity and strategy you need to identify the gaps in your message and how to create a complete story and message that resonates with your ideal customer and move you forward. 

Facebook Messenger Automation

Leverage Facebook Messenger to give a more personal touch, build better engagement, and start having better conversations with your ideal customer.

Design & Development

No message is complete without a compelling visual way to share the message. Every person’s message is unique!  You need a way to make your design to feel authentic to you and to resonate with your ideal customer.

Simply need help getting clarity in order to move forward?

Let’s connect and schedule a Clarity Call.  We can discuss where you are currently stuck. We  can talk about branding, messaging, funnels, technology, business challenges, memberships, personal development, or just brainstorm ideas… You name it! Chances are I have some insights to share.

After the Clarity Call,  you will walk away with a ton of ideas and simple action steps to help you move forward.

“When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to right the ending.  And when we don’t own our stories of failures, setbacks, and hurt – they own us”
– Brené Brown

Does this sound like you?

You feel like…

  • Your marketing strategies and messaging is disconnected
  • Your brand has an identity crisis and inconsistencies
  • Your marketing team is overwhelmed & reactive
  • Your website, product launch and ads are underperforming
  • You give a less-then-stellar customer experience
  • You’ve wasted time & money on “agencies” who don’t understand your brand

You know you’re smart. You’ve set specific goals.
You’re dedicated and more than capable of success.
That’s definitely not the issue.

Yet you find yourself…

  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  • Needing to get more leads, clients and customers
  • Being told to focusing on a niche but don’t know what that means
  • Having an underperforming signature product launch
  • Taking numerous online courses but left even more confused
  • Feeling that the business isn’t really “working” yet

Sound Familiar? It’s OK!

Just BREATHE!!!!  I’ve been in your shoes!

Despite your best efforts, you know things could — and should — be better. Sometimes we just get stuck and need some help.

What you need is someone to discuss your ideas, issues, & concerns with — Someone that can connect the dots, provide strategic advice as well as practical application. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own anymore. 

Let’s get to know each other and learn a bit more before deciding if working together makes sense.

Discover the #1 Secret to…

Taming your inner imposter and

stop feeling disconnected and undervalued.

When I first starting out, I was mimicking what the other successful entrepreneurs were doing and then spent a ton of time trying to create a “perfect” business. But I was left feeling like an impostor, that I didn’t have anything special to offer and a business that was not in alignment with who I am. Sound familiar? 

The feeling of being an impostor simply means you haven’t found YOUR VOICE. 

Grab this your FREE PDF download to understand what makes you different and  learn the #1 secret to building a business that is in alignment with YOUR voice, YOUR values, and YOUR vision (AND give you a shot of confidence to continue attracting your perfect audience!)

Why I’m different…

I Have a Wholistic Approach to Branding – Seeing How Everything is Interconnected.

Having spent over a decade connecting the information dots,  I have a variety of experiences and insights to draw from including Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Personal Branding Photography, Web Development, and Brand and Marketing Strategy.

I have worked for companies like Leadpages and FunnelDash, which allowed me to work with thousands of entrepreneurs building their businesses. That gave me a unique understanding of the dynamics involved with building an online business seeing first hand the roadblocks most entrepreneurs face along their journey toward success. 

I have a experience in every step of the process from brand to design to marketing which gives me a unique holistic perspective of how to brand and market your business as well as the importance of creating a brand that is authentic and in alignment with your passion, beliefs and vision.

I also know what it’s like to struggle and build your own business from scratch… To struggle feeling empowered to live life in your own terms… To completely own and embrace my journey to entrepreneurship…

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to understand what makes you different…. to understand your unique story, your strengths, and your mission and vision.  Working together, I will help you articulate what makes you different in order for you to have a business and brand that is in alignment with who you are and to help you be successful!

No one cares more than me (besides you of course) about the little details it takes to create an authentic brand and market your business online.

Working with me…


You Can Expect:

  • Honesty & Collaboration & Follow-through
  • Strategies based on truth, data, and facts
  • Clarity, direction and strategy
  • Accountability & Consistency
  • A ton of ideas that feel authentic
  • To leverage new technologies and marketing platforms
  • Solutions based upon your Technical Level – No Tech Overwhelm

Which Means:

  • More Confidence
  • More Clarity
  • More Brand Connection
  • More Leads
  • More Revenue
  • More Processes & Systems
  • More Results
  • More Impact

Messages from Happy Clients

“Melanie is one of those rare individuals who really listens, and understands your problem and then comes up with a solution instantly, as she draws from a deep well of understanding and real world experience in branding and marketing.

Even rarer are those individuals who understands the technical, creative and emotional challenges that people face when being an entrepreneur. Melanie is just that!

I always look forward to our weekly accountability calls. With her big, generous heart, she always leaves me feeling inspired and ready to go!”

Armand van Middendorp

Tai Chi Instructor

“Melanie is open and welcoming. She is organized, knowledgeable, and committed to giving you what you need to be successful in your business. She over-delivers in every session. You will not be disappointed!

If you are struggling to find a clear, distinct voice for your brand, I would highly recommend working with Melanie. You will understand yourself, your business, and your customer at a deeper level and be more prepared to deliver your product or service with confidence.”

Tricia Bennett

Therapist & Author

“Before working with Melanie, I was struggling to find and approach clients. I wasn’t sure where to start and what I was doing.

Melanie has helped me massively as I am so much more confident and I can approach people now without fear. I feel like I know what I am doing now.

What’s the biggest benefit of working with Melanie? Everything! Advice, being cheered up, being relatable and finding solutions. Melanie is truly inspiring and her motivation is aspirational.”

Stephanie Passon

Graphic Designer

“The biggest benefit of working with Melanie is having an expert to share all my business concerns with and walking away with the much-needed advice.

I was struggling to find 1-on-1 business and consulting advice and valuable resources and now I am getting exposure to the right people which has been a huge asset!

Melanie, Thank you for truly caring and sharing your honest advice and spending your valuable time to help figure things out no matter how long it took.”

Mohsin Jamil

Digital Marketer

“Melanie is wonderful! I love that she is “real” and down to earth. You can see that she truly cares about her work and her clients.  Her personality is awesome and such a pleasure to work with. I loved every part of my experience! “

Holli Richards

Actress, Singer, Dancer

“I’m super new to branding and marketing and trying to do it for my own business has been really tough. Melanie gave me great advice and many small, actionable tips that made so much sense and made such a difference. Thank you Melanie!”

Karen Marie


Let’s get started…

Go from Confused and Frustrated to

Clear, Confident, Consistent, and Connected!

Whether your project is big or small, I would love to learn more and help you overcome the struggles and frustration of marketing your business online. Schedule a 30 Minute Discovery Call where we will discuss your struggles and talk through your needs. I would love to get to you and your business more.

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